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Use Crowdfunding To Start Any Business Or Idea (eBook)

Use Crowdfunding To Start Any Business Or Idea (eBook)

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What You Don’t Know About Crowdfunding:

  • It’s A Revolution Creating Funds For The Average Person

  • It’s Money You Don’t Have To Pay Back

  • It Requires No Credit Check, Income Statements or Complicated Forms

  • You Can Get More Money Than You Ask For

  • 40% Of The People Who Apply Get Their Money

  • For Small Business It’s Better Than Banks, Investors, Venture Capitalists, or Fat Cats

  • It’s A Source That Give You More Than Just Money

  • In Some Areas It Is Giving Out More Money Then The Gov’t Hands Out In Grant Money

  • There Are No Fees or Charges And You Only Pay A Small % Of The Money After You Receive It

What You Get:

  • An In Depth Analysis Of The Exponential Growth Of Crowdfunding As A Source Of Money For Average Americans

  • Descriptions of the Major Sources of Crowdfunding Money

  • Exclusive VIDEO Interviews Of 12 People Who Used Crowdfunding To Start Their Venture, Create A Job, Or Solve A Financial Problem

  • More, More, More

Washington Post calls Lesko…. “a genius”