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The Secret To Branding/  Choosing the Right Job, Career, Education, or Business (eBook)
The Secret To Branding/ Choosing the Right Job, Career, Education, or Business (eBook)

The Secret To Branding/ Choosing the Right Job, Career, Education, or Business (eBook)

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Learn Why You Can't Believe Teachers, Counselors,  Experts and Even Your Loved Ones When They Tell You What To Do In Life.

 Why Matthew Lesko was a featured speaker on BRANDING at the Harvard Business School.

     *** Includes 32 Video Tutorials

By Matthew Lesko

New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

Lesko's become a national icon selling over 4 million books using his question mark suits on hundreds of TV appearances including Oprah, Letterman, Larry King, Leno and his popular TV infomercials.

He was also a columnist for the New York Times Syndicate, Good Housekeeping Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune.  

Before success he had 2 businesses that failed and 90 published books that never made much money.

You will also learn stuff like this:

How To Choose A Job You'll Never Regret

Why People Start The Wrong Business And Get Trapped For Life

Why Your Friends And Relatives Can Be Your Worst Enemy

Why Experts No Longer Are Good To Getting True Advice

Why Teachers, Experts and Media Are Usually Wrong

Why The Internet Now Makes It Easier To Get What You Really Want

Why Miserable People Make You Believe That You Too Have To Be Miserable To Survive

How To Cope With Survival Anxiety

How To Determine "What's The Worse That Can Happen" If You Do Want You Think Is Best

Jackasses Deserve To Be Treated Fairly Too

Stop Trying To Act Professional And Start Acting Human

You'll Never Find The Perfect Job...You Have To Make One

Here Is Why Having Goals In Life Is Dumb

Women Are 100% More Successful At Getting Crowdfunding Money Than Men

Is Your Job Like An Arranged Marriage?

 Here Is Why You Hate Going To Work In The Morning

"FUN" Is The Best Way To Increase Your Chance Of Success In Life

I'm Just Sitting Here Failing At Stuff All Day...

What Are You Up To?

If You're Not Born Rich, You Have To Start A Business To Be Rich

If You Are Keeping Your Job To Have 3 Square Meals &A Bed, Then You're In Jail

I'll Show You How To Solve Financial Problems For Free... Google Shows You How To Spend Money

There's Only One Question To Ask To Improve Your Life

You're Going To Get Screwed Anyway

Retirement Is Dumb If You Can Make Fun & Money Forever


Stop Going Around In Google Circles

I Do All The Research Work And

 You Get All The Money

100% Money Back Guarantee

Matthew Lesko Has A Better Consumer Record At The Better Business Bureau Than Bill Gates


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