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Money To Buy or Fix Up A Home for Where You Live  (Custom Video Report Delivered By Email In 14 Days)

Money To Buy or Fix Up A Home for Where You Live (Custom Video Report Delivered By Email In 14 Days)

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This is an order for a custom research report to identify programs available to buy a home, fix up a home or become a real estate investor where you live.

You Get:

        - A custom research report by America's #1 Free Money Expert

        - Over 100 sources of real estate money and help for your city, county and state.

        - Covers: Grants, Low-Interest Loans, Loans You Don't Pay Back, Direct Payments to cover Closing Costs,  Down Payment Money, Free Legal Help, Free Real Estate Consulting, Rehabilitation Grants, Free Expert Advice, and more.

        - Complete contact information for each source.

        - Over 17 instructional videos so you know exactly how to take advantage of each program.

        - All the alternative subsidized programs you can't find using Google that are available from local governments, federal government, non-profit organizations and little-known web sites.     

        - Sample Programs: (programs vary by location)


*$15,000 Down Payment at Zero % Interest and Forgivable

*Put Up $1,000, Get $60,000 for Construction of a New Home, No Payments for 30 Years 

*Get a 1 to 4 Unit Home with Down Payment Grants and 0% Interest If You Have Low Income

*Money to Buy, Rehabilitate or Build 1-4 Unit Homes, Condos, or Manufactured Homes, If You Have Low Incom

*$15,000 Forgivable Loan to Make Your Home Look Better

*$5,000 Forgivable Loan for Down Payment, $25,000 Forgivable Loan for Rehabilitation (Foreclosures Included)

*$50,000 interest free Plus $4,000 Grant for Closing Cost Money

*Buy a House and Get $30,000 To Pay Student Debt, $5,000 For Down Payment Plus Low-Interest Mortgage

*Get a $4 Grant for Every $1 You Save to Buy a Home

*$30,000 in Down Payment Assistance and Necessary Repairs

*2 Years of Free Bus Passes for New Homeowners

*$10,000 for Seniors to Make Their Home More Energy Efficient 

*$60,000 Low Interest Loan for People with Disabilities

*$2,000 To Help Pay Utility Bills

*$50,000 interest free Plus $4,000 Grant for Closing Cost Money

*Sweat Equity Can Get You a Home with $0 Down Payment and 0 Interest Mortgage

(On A $230,000 Mortgage You Pay $299 instead of $922 per Month, Save Over $200,000 On Cost of Mortgage over 30 years.)

*$25,000 to Buy a Vacant or Foreclosed Property

*$35,000 to Pay Overdue or Future Mortgage Payments 

*$50,000 to Refinance Your Mortgage

*Get Your Mortgage Reduced by $100,000 Along with Lower Interest Rates

*Buy a Lot in the City for Only $1.00

*$1,000,000 for House Flipping in 12 Hours with Crowdfunding On the Internet

*$42,000 to Pay Your Mortgage If You Lose Your Job

*$25,000 to Bring Your Mortgage Up to Date

*Money Developers Can Give Customers to Purchase Their Property

*Online Affordable Housing Locate to Register Your Property

*$30,000 At Zero % for Home Repair

*$25,000 Lump Sum for Mortgage Reinstatement

*Free Legal Assistance with Mortgages

*Financial Assistance for Housing Developers

*$10,000 Down Payment Assistance

*$7,500 Forgivable Loan at Zero % Interest for

*Small Business Loans at ZERO % Interest and No Credit Score Required

*$50,000 Grant and 0% Interest Loan for Home Repairs

*Money to Purchase and Repair Foreclosed Property to Become Affordable Housing

*Get a Home with $500 Of Your Own and a Down Payment Loan at 0% Interest and Forgivable at End of Term

Matthew Lesko

Award Winning Financial Advice Columnist,  Researcher and Entrepreneur

Sold Over 4 Million Books

2 New York Times Best Selling Books

2 “Best Reference Book of the Year Awards from American Library Association”

Founder of 3 Information Companies

Wrote Financial Columns for New York Times Syndicate, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Chicago Tribune

Appeared on hundreds of TV Talk shows including Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Leno, The Today Show and his famous Infomercials.

The Washington Post calls Lesko...'A Genius"


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