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Get FREE PRICE QUOTE for Research Services (describe project in "COMMENTS" at check out)

Get FREE PRICE QUOTE for Research Services (describe project in "COMMENTS" at check out)

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 I want to be the "Financial Consultant and Business Mentor for The Little Guy"

Fill out the order form and look towards the end of the checkout and you will see a "Comments" section towards the bottom of the page.  Use that space to describe your project. 
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1...What you looking for money to do?
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3...What town and state do you live on or the project be?
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Our projects normally range from $40 to $300.
Allow 48 hours to receive a quotation or call from us for more information.

I started my career over 40 years ago armed with an MBA. For first 7 years I was helping rich Fortune 500 companies. I had over 30 consultants in an office downtown Washington DC that helped rich people become richer.

I wasn't having any fun.  I knew my rich clients would go across the street and pay 5 times as much as I was charging if I wasn't there.  They didn't care how much it costs.  They just wanted the information.

I got bored and decided I would have MORE FUN helping average people and small businesses learn the same money tricks that I was sharing with my Fortune 500 clients.  I became very successful at helping average people through my books, seminars and infomercials.  BUT I MISS DOING RESEARCH and giving people the help they really need to get ahead in live.

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