" Video Tutorials On UnKnown Money Sources "

Free Re$ource$ For Your Non Profit   (Custom Research...DELIVERED BY EMAIL IN 14 DAYS)
Free Re$ource$ For Your Non Profit (Custom Research...DELIVERED BY EMAIL IN 14 DAYS)

Free Re$ource$ For Your Non Profit (Custom Research...DELIVERED BY EMAIL IN 14 DAYS)

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***This Custom Video Tutorial Includes Over 150 Free Re$ource$  For Your Non Profit On The Local, State and National Level.
***It Also Includes A Personalized Custom Video That Explains The Programs and Tells You The Best For You To Start Using First. 
***Be Sure To Include A Short Description Of Your Business Under "Notes" At Checkout.

Stop Wasting Time Searching Google.

I’ve Been researching free money sources for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers and non profits for 40 years.

Sold 4 million books on Free Resources and won awards from New York Times and The American Library Association.

And I'm also the founder of a software company and 2 information companies.

You may have seen me on talk shows like Oprah and the Today Show or my famous infomercials. 

Now I’m using my research skills to do custom reports that shows exactly what you are eligible to apply for in the area where you live.

The gov’t wants you to start a non-profit and gives out money to prove it. 

The internet has also become a major source of Free Resources.  Ive just completed over 700 video interviews of social entrepreneurs who used the internet to fund their idea and I'll show you the best of what is there for what you want to do.

I'll "Hook You Up" with Over 150 Sources.  Here Is A Sample Of The Kinds Of Programs You Will Discover In Your Custom Report


1…$10,000 Per Month Free Money to Advertise On the Internet

2…Collect Money From Your Own Instant Virtual Thrift Store

3…$150,000 To Train Yourself and Your Employees

4…Get $80,000 For Your Idea with No Credit Check or Financial Statements

5…Gov’t Lawyers Will Collect On Your Bad Checks from Suppliers

6…Get Free Accounting and Legal Help 

7…A $15,000 Grant So You Can Learn How to Get A $100,000 Government Contract

8…Get Free Employee Paid For By The Government 

9…Free Grant Writers Get You 100% More Money Than You Ask


10…Free Grant Researchers

11…Legally Get Money from Your Congressman

12…Free Money to Live On While You Start Your Organization

13...How To Set Up A Non-Profit With No Money,  No Lawyer and No Grant Writer

14…Money to Help Pay Rent for Your First Year in Operation

15...Get Free Computers, Office Equipment and Even Property from State and Federal Government

16...Government Offices That Give Out $5,000  to $50,000,000 In Grants To Non-Profit Organizations

16…The Secrets of Asking for $23,000 and Getting $556,000

In Crowd Funding

(Every program I show you is absolutely free to you.)

(Programs vary based on location)

Every report includes:

-       Customized Research Showing Programs Available for Where You Live, and

-       A Personalized Video Explaining Your Report and the Best Programs and Sources To Start With

Once you get my report you’ll know you will have the most complete report possible by someone who have more experience, awards and credentials than anyone else in America for finding FREE RESOURCES for you to start or grow your non profit or work as s freelancer or independent contractor.

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Stop Going Around In Google Circles

I Do All The Research Work And

 You Get All The Money

100% Money Back Guarantee

Matthew Lesko Has A Better Consumer Record At The Better Business Bureau Than Bill Gates