" Video Tutorials On UnKnown Money Sources "

Discover What You Really Should Do In Life & Get Free Money To Do It (eBook)

Discover What You Really Should Do In Life & Get Free Money To Do It (eBook)

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Lesko’s Video eBooks…. Books You Can Watch

How Fun & Crowdfunding Can Make You A Million & Make You A Better Life


Matthew Lesko, New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

Over 4 Million Copies of Lesko Books Sold

Watch Lesko Share His 40 Years Of Experience as a Best Selling author and Entrepreneur and his last 3 years of creating over 1,000 video interviews of experts and users of the new economy.

During This 60 Minutes of Video You Will Learn Facts and Philosophy No One Else Is Telling You About Like:

-          Why The Best Way To Win In Life IS By Having Fun

-          Crowdfunding, The Sharing Economy and Peer-To-Peer Websites Are The New Hot Sources For Financial Growth

-          Internet Is Giving Out More Free Money Than The Government

-          Now Is The Easiest Time In History To Make Money When You Have No Money

-          If You Are Not Failing You Are Not Growing

-          How To Give More To The World Than You Ever Imagine

-          Experts Pretend To Know the Answers When They Don’t, Because That IS How They Can Charge A Lot Of Money

-          Any Learning Your Need For Your Project Is Available Free

-          The New Economy Means You Don’t Need High Priced Bankers, Consultants, Experts Or Gatekeepers To Create Things In Live

-          Why Google Creates As Many Problems As It Solves

Lesko also give phone numbers, websites, and contact information for government programs, non-profit organizations and web pages that provide alternative sources of funding that can take forever to find when using Google or High Priced Experts.

The Washington Post calls Lesko…. “a genius”

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