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Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Student Loan Debt (eBook)

Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Student Loan Debt (eBook)

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The Biggest Mistake People Make With Their Student Loan Debt
Matthew Lesko
New York Times Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

     Student Loan Debt Is 76% Bigger Than Credit Card Debt

     Student Loan Delinquencies Are 36% Higher Than Credit Card Delinquencies  

BEWARE! When people are in money trouble, the sharks will start circling in the water.

They are all over the Internet, even radio and TV commercials.  

There is always lots of money to be made from people’s troubles.

Google Won’t Show You The Free Help

It is not that Google won’t actually identify these sources, rather the thousands of businesses that want to make money off your problems pay a lot of money to be the only thing you see when you do an Internet search. The people who will help you for free don’t spend any money trying to pop up on the front pages of your search results.  They will be hidden away on page #37 and you will never get that far to learn about them.

That’s the problem I am trying to solve.

Two Important Things To Remember About Your Student Loan Debt

#1: The law gives you rights and alternatives so you don’t need to contact people who will profit from your despair because there are people that will help you for free.

#2: Because Student Loan Debt is such a problem in our country, new programs are have been established to help borrowers.



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