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10 Best Grants for Any Non-Profit in America
10 Best Grants for Any Non-Profit in America

10 Best Grants for Any Non-Profit in America

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Stop Wasting Time Searching Google.

Get the benefit of my 40 years of doing free money research.

There are about 2 million non-profits in America.  And remember this...the nice thing is that these organizations can pay good salaries but they don't have to pay any taxes.

Non-profits are important to society because, like government, they provide services that are needed by communities that can't afford to pay.

In 2017 the government gave out $686 BILLION in FREE GRANT MONEY to non-profit and community organizations.

In 2018 the government is planning to give out another $703 BILLION.

Non-profit organizations are one of the few places where you know your work is contributing to society.

I've been doing free money research for over 40 years.  I've helped non-profit, for-profit and individuals get HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars and FREE EXPERTISE and CONSULTING SERVICES.

Google will show you thousands of grant sources for non-profits.  You will also see millions of high-priced experts who seek your money to help you with this online advertising overload.


I teach you how to use the 10 best sources for getting a grant for your non-profit to solve most any problem.


You Don’t Need a Grant Writer

You Don’t Need a Lawyer

You Don’t Need a Money in The Bank

You Don’t Need a Business Plan

You Don’t Need a Degree

You Don’t Need a High Credit Score



Why It’s So Hard to Find These Websites

You don't know about these programs because these organizations don't have money to advertise.  You won't find them from a Google search, unless you carefully comb through thousands of research results.

The upside down world of Google makes sure you see all the websites that want money to solve your problem, and the ones that will solve the problem for free are buried within the Google haystack.

But Don't Worry!!!  I've done all the work for you. For over 40 years, I've been doing free money research and sold over 4 million books that uncover little-known free money gems that the experts never tell you about.

I show you sources you never ever dreamed of.  You get hand-holding instructions as well as websites and contact info for you can start solving your financial problems today.

Matthew Lesko Fair Trade Guarantee

I Will Always, Always, Always, Refund Your Money, If For Any Reason You Do Not Believe This Is Fair Product Sold at a Fair Price

Matthew Lesko

Award Winning Financial Advice Columnist,  Researcher and Entrepreneur

Sold Over 4 Million Books

2 New York Times Best Selling Books

2 “Best Reference Book of the Year Awards from American Library Association”

Founder of 3 Information Companies

Wrote Financial Columns for New York Times Syndicate, Good Housekeeping Magazine and Chicago Tribune

Appeared on hundreds of TV Talk shows including Oprah, Larry King, Letterman, Leno, The Today Show and his famous Infomercials.

The Washington Post calls Lesko...'A Genius"


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